Shopify prepares to wage war against ‘Buy with Prime’

The company is furious about Amazon’s new payment mechanic. The ‘Buy with Prime’ button offers an easy way to circumvent Shopify’s payment system, diverting profits away to Amazon.
Published on: 2022-09-18

Amazon introduced the ‘Buy with Prime’ button in April 2022, allowing sellers to on-click-sell products directly from 3rd party sites via the Amazon platform. Shopify sellers realized that this offers an easy way to increase conversions by making the buying experience more convenient and secure.

Shopify, who was initially delighted about Amazon’s move, realized far too late what this actually meant. No selling via Shopify means: all profit goes to Amazon.

To limit the damage, a pop-up was hastily implemented. Containing ludicrous claims about supposed ‘fraud protection’ and theft of customer data, it’s trying to scare sellers from using the Amazon Button.

So far, this seems to be it. All Shopify does is frighten people with claims that were quickly dismantled by an Amazon spokesperson: “We protect information collected via Buy with Prime, including shopper data, in accordance with Amazon’s high security standards. We use this information to provide and improve Buy with Prime for merchants and shoppers.”

What does this mean for sellers?

The conversion rate, the likelihood of people actually buying, is the most important metric for every e-commerce store. Adding the new ‘Buy with Prime’ button has shown to significantly increase it.

Since there are no downsides to adding the button, while visibly raising conversions, adding it is a clear-cut decision. However, it’s unclear yet how far Shopify will go to reclaim their lost profits, so the situation might quickly change.


Shopify is visibly shaken by Amazon’s foray into their core business territory. It’s therefore unclear how long they will tolerate the ‘Buy with Prime’ button. However, while they’re still deliberating more drastic measures, the button is an easy way to raise conversions.

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