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Tradelle aims to empower entrepreneurs and brands with data, resources, and support for successful e-commerce growth.

Inspired to build the tools the founders’ own stores lacked, Tradelle has become the premier product research and supply platform for sellers today.

  • 2022 Tradelle was founded
  • 45K+ monthly active users
  • 97+ countries users are from
  • 20+ employees

Your all-in-one platform for product research & fulfillment

Good product research is key to success, but the reality of sourcing, dealing with agents, international shipping and customs is more complex than most expect. Tradelle’s vision is to remove this complexity. What you see is what you can get right here in your dashboard with just a few clicks. No external automation services, no dealing with suppliers.

Academic research and passion for e-commerce

Experience knowing rather than guessing

Tradelle’s research team works with standalone-shop, Amazon, and eBay sellers of all sizes that test assumptions and help Tradelle’s analysts validate their data. Thanks to a network of partners, Tradelle’s prediction methodology is not just paper-based, but largely field-tested in practice. It’s accurate research, not made-up numbers made by pretty much all so-called “sales trackers”.


Trust in Tradelle's values

  • Transparency

    We know how frustrating it can be to be overwhelmed with tons of anonymous websites and fictional numbers. We fix that. Tradelle is a company in the heart of London whose founders stand behind their research methodology and services with their names.

  • Professionalism

    We understand your basic needs to be able to operate as a business: proper invoices, necessary product certifications, competent advice. The support team consists of native English speakers who can handle even the toughest questions and bureaucracy.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    We want you to be successful, especially if you are a beginner. That’s why we made Tradelle’s dashboard as easy as possible to use, very lean, with many features for scalability and growth that we wish we would’ve had when building our first stores.

  • Optimization

    Tradelle’s dashboard is just the beginning. We improve, we add features, we ask for feedback, and we implement feedback. We believe that when quality improves, growth comes naturally. Please give us as much feedback as possible. Every bit counts!

  • E-Commerce for Everyone

    We want fewer big players, like Amazon and Costco, and more entrepreneurs. Tradelle empowers independent sellers, helping them form a diverse market for everyone. Let’s learn from each other, grow together, and help others succeed.

  • Love

    Tradelle’s team members create features they love. No one implements anything that they wouldn’t use themselves. We rally people that have a deep passion for e-commerce. This passion is shared with every single subscriber through the dashboard.

Meet us

Meet the management team

Our leaders are guiding Tradelle to develop world-class e-commerce solutions.

  • Christian Michalik

    Christian Michalik

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Aleksej Michalik

    Aleksej Michalik

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Pavel Vitis

    Pavel Vitis

    Chief Strategy Officer
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