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This is Tradelle

Tradelle's mission is to provide powerful data, resources, and support to help entrepreneurs and brands grow successfully in the e-commerce space.

Tradelle was created in 2022 by a small team of three founders. A seller, a software engineer, and an economist. Today, Tradelle is the leading product research platform for selling online.

While the founders come from all corners of the globe, their passion for supporting sellers and brands unites them.


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Tradelle's Vision

Your all-in-one platform for product research.

Find products to sell with unparalleled market insights, segment and trend analysis. Make sure your products are profitable. Let Tradelle do the complex math for you.

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AI and a passioante team combined

Experience knowing rather than guessing.

Tradelle can predict product profitability using AI technology. The research team works with standalone-shop, Amazon, and eBay sellers of all sizes that test assumptions and help Tradelle's analysts validate their data.

Thanks to a network of partners, Tradelle's prediction methodology is not just paper-based, but largely field-tested in practice.

When markets grow, we all grow. That’s why we need more successful sellers.

Trust in Tradelle's values.


Honesty and openness in communication and practice are essential to build trust and take a position as an enabler of e-commerce success.


Prompt and attentive service to ambitious sellers is a priority as well as commitment to provision of timely and effective solutions to their needs. Let's grow together!


The platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, ensuring that everyone can access the information and resources they need quickly and efficiently.


Tradelle optimizes its processes and uses automation wherever possible. Sellers should do the same. That's why Tradelle offers fulfillment additionally to product research. Sharing strenghts with others is essential.


The organization prioritizes creative problem solving, continuous improvement, and commitment to staying ahead of the curve in its industry. A new academic publication on product research just came out somewhere? We're already testing its findings.


Tradelle's team members create features they love. No one implements anything that they wouldn't use themselves. Tradelle rallies people that have a deep passion for e-commerce. This passion is shared with every single subscriber through the dashboard.

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Meet the Management Team.

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Christian Michalik

Chief Operating Officer
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Aleksej Michalik

Chief Technology Officer
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Pavel Vitis

Chief Strategy Officer

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Tired of investing hundreds of hours into a tedious hunt for products? Tradelle’s promise is to centralize all research intelligence tools in one powerful and affordable solution.