Increase your revenue by using influencers for selling products online

Latest large-scale study by Sproutsocial reveals how most US brands exploit the growing content creator market to increase revenue.
Published on: 2022-09-09

A social media influencer can turbo-charge your marketing efforts by giving your product a face people are familiar with.

Most buyers are more likely to purchase a product if they see their favorite Instagram content creator promoting it at least once.

Large US brands have been aware of this new dynamic and are hard-working on exploiting this to raise margins.

Sproutsocial surveyed industry insiders and broke down the current ad-spending trends in US corporations.


On one hand, this shows how confident these companies are in each content format. “Educational content” appears to be the #1 choice to increase conversions.

On the other hand, it provides us with an educated guess about the performance of these formats.

Increase your sales

This study reminds us of the importance of influencers for online sellers. Every one of the mentioned formats, from “Testimonies” to “Skit/comedy”, can be commissioned with relatively low investment.

Imagine spending $1000 on Google Ads to get a few hundred visitors to your store. The same money could buy you exposure from 1 to 2 influencers on Instagram/YouTube to promote your store or product and get the same number or more visitors who are now more likely to buy your product!

As Sproutsocial further expounds, the influencer marketing economy is expanding at a never-seen-before pace, expected to nearly double by 2026.

This hints that it’s still an underutilized marketing channel and can, if correctly implemented, outperform your classical marketing channels.


As with all marketing channels, you have to master this new way of marketing to reach its full potential. Don’t simply expect this to double your revenue overnight. However, it would be detrimental to your profits to simply ignore this vast market.

Our professional advice: Spend between $250 to $500 on 1 to 2 influencers and see whether this works out for you. If it does, you likely struck gold.

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