Product Sourcing

Can’t find what you like in Tradelle’s product picks? No problem! Inquire any product in existence and source it through Tradelle.

Easy access

Simple Inquiries

Have you found a product on the internet, for example, on AliExpress, that you’d like to sell but that is not part of Tradelle’s product catalogue? Our sourcing team can contact the manufacturer directly and negotiate a great price. Just use the easy Inquiry function in the dashboard to request any product by sending us a link to it.

Direct sourcing

Straight from the Source: Manufacturer Connections

Products are sourced directly from manufacturers, ensuring quality and value right from the start, skipping any middlemen.

Price guarantee

Best Possible Price

Tradelle’s dedicated sourcing team secures the lowest possible cost by negotiating directly with manufacturers. This ensures you always receive the most competitive rates for product and shipping costs, much better than AliExpress or any private agent could ever offer.

See the value

Why source through Tradelle?

  • Simple Request Form

    Find an online link to any product you’d like to request, copy-paste it into the Inquiry form in the dashboard and send it. Receive an answer from our sourcing team within seven days. It’s that simple!

  • Manufacturer Connections

    Get your products straight from the source. Our sourcing team is well connected in China, having direct access to all large manufacturers. This guarantees quality and reliability. Manufacturers are honest with us when a batch is faulty or a CE certificate is missing.

  • Best Prices

    Our sourcing team works hard to negotiate deals, ensuring you always get products at the most competitive rates possible. This means more savings and larger profits for you.

  • Logistics Connections

    Great logistics connections make a hybrid shipping model possible. This way, your customers receive their products faster while you save on shipping and handling costs. No need to deal with customs, either. You just focus on sales.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our sourcing team is present on-site in China, making sure that every product meets high standards before it reaches your buyer. This commitment to quality means fewer returns and happier customers.

  • Easy Communication

    China is a great place, but it has its own rules when it comes to business. Did you know most Chinese sellers don’t understand the purpose of proper invoicing? Our teams communicate with manufacturers, and you communicate with us. This way, you always have native English speakers to help you out, who also understand how business works in Western countries.


What other entrepreneurs say about Tradelle

  • Timo Herzog

    «After 2 years in e-commerce and little success, I realized that accurate store trackers or spy tools simply don’t exist. Success in dropshipping requires proper research and a trustworthy supplier to do the job. Tradelle was the game-changer I needed. Real, transparent, university-level research coupled with own logistics and automation. It made me go from hustler to entrepreneur in under 3 months.»

  • follower avatar
    Mario Giordano

    «Tradelle is very beginner-friendly. For dropshipping beginners, this is by far the best all-in-one solution. Products are sent out in a neutral package, so the end-customer doesn’t see it’s dropshipped. For professionals like myself, it still lacks a branding option. According to support, they’re working on it. However, it’s still the best for research and fulfillment of products that don’t require branding.»

  • follower avatar
    Lisa-Marie Meskendahl

    «Great for handling multiple stores simultaneously and testing products quickly. There’s nothing comparable out there. For dropshipping, there is, but for staying lean and agile and not overinvesting, there isn’t.»

  • Farid Saadlou

    «Reliable worldwide shipping, full automation, transparent research. The product trends tool is especially great. I’m always ready to react to tomorrow’s demands, and the seasonality analysis helps me know when to sell what.»

  • follower avatar
    Agnesa Veliu

    «When I got into e-commerce many years ago, the complexity of customs, imports and tax accounting quickly made me lose interest. I’ve always been good at marketing but bad at operations, especially legal matters. Tradelle fixed these issues for me, and now I’m running and growing my store!»

  • Dominic Galagher

    «Tradelle has hands-down the best support! They care, they ask questions, they advise you, they want you to succeed. I’m always baffled by the sheer quality of it.»

  • follower avatar
    Marc Malen

    «What started as a side hustle turned into a company with now eight employees. Tradelle was with me all the way and is still my go-to product research and fulfillment tool. I experiment with other suppliers, but it just requires so much micromanagement. With Tradelle I know that everything will go smoothly.»

  • follower avatar
    Dima Voronov

    «I connected my stores. It just works. Most all-in-one tools are just automators that connect you with dubious Chinese agents or buy from AliExpress for you. I love that Tradelle is an actual supplier. VAT invoices, CE certificates, and advice from native English speakers with obvious e-commerce experience. No more begging agents or AliExpress sellers who don’t know what an invoice is.»


Frequently Asked Questions

  • To get started you can sign up to Tradelle’s free 7-day trial here:

  • Yes, Tradelle offers a 7-day free trial. In addition, you have a ‘no questions asked’ 7-day money-back guarantee as well.

  • Yes, there are no contractual obligations beyond your current billing cycle. If you cancel, your subscription will end following the current term with no further charges. If you are a new user, all plans have a 7-day money-back guarantee. Within this 7-day period, you can request a full refund.

  • Absolutely! Tradelle does the work for you, and it doesn’t matter where you are on your seller journey. Tradelle’s support has you covered.

  • Tradelle has a built-in automated fulfillment feature, meaning all incoming orders in your store will be fulfilled and shipped out automatically. Tradelle also uses one of the most advanced product web crawlers available, written by big data and AI specialists. It can analyze trends and data to reveal true and validated winning products. There is no other product research service like it.

  • Tradelle Research Ltd specializes in product research. Before adding any product, a team of data analysts and researchers ensures that the products are new and have high engagement potential on social media. All added products are tested, validated, and yield good results.

  • Tradelle uses secure Stripe payment processing and accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more. If you don’t have a credit card, you can pay via PayPal as well.

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